Learn about Colo-rectal and Gastro-intestinal disease

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Meditoons™ simplifies the pathophysiology of gastrointestinal disease. We invite you to explore our featured telehealth handouts below.


When hemorrhoids swell, they can cause pain, bleeding, itching and soilage. Learn how to treat your hemorrhoids at home.

Anal Fissure

Simply put, a fissure is a cut in the anal canal. Because it's richly innervated with sensory pain fibers, a fissure is often very painful.

Anal Fistula

A fistula is a tract, a tunnel that begins inside the anal canal and burrows through surrounding tissues to the skin.

Constipation/Fiber Guide

The ideal bowel movement comes the moment you sit, without pain, straining or bleeding. It's completed within seconds, and is easy to clean.

Pilonidal Cyst

Pilonidal disease is an infection of the skin in the region of the 'buttock crease'. It creates a cavity (cyst) below the skin surface.


Diverticulosis is the formation of Diverticulum, or ‘pouches’ on the bowel. There are two causes: heredity and general wear and tear as we age.

About Us

Meditoons™ are a series of high-quality medical animations that teach basic anatomy, physiological function, the development of the disease, and in many cases, necessary treatment. The goal of Meditoons™ is to improve physician-patient communication by providing a simple tool that effectively teaches patients about their disease while saving the physician valuable time.

Meditoons animations are designed to simplify and explain medical disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Meditoons are ideal for acutely ill patients and their families, admitted through the Emergency Room. They are also an educational tool for the physician’s office. Both patients and families are encouraged to learn about the disease.

Meditoons™ is a free educational tool ideal for Telehealth.

Meditoons™ simplifies the pathophysiology of gastrointestinal disease through animation and handouts.

Ideal for Emergency Room discussions and physician office education.

Meditoons™ are without audio, allowing for a personalized narrative.

Appropriate for middle, high school, college, nursing and some medical school classes.

Currently being used daily in over 145 countries.

Meditoons was conceived and produced by

Dr. Ralph D Pearlman, MD FASCRS.
Chairman of Colon and Rectal Surgery Providence Hospital Southfield, Michigan.

The artwork for was created by Chris Scalf


The animations were created by David Witt

D.Witt Art Studio, Novi Michigan



Will use and share with classmates, very practical for visually aided learning and comprehension.



Unique addition to patient education. Quick, focused colorful. Great artist.

Singh 01


Great animations which makes it easy to explain to patients what is causing their problem. I will definitely be using this as an educational resource for my patients. Thanks for developing this wonderful educational tool.



Great medical animations! I love how labels pop-up within the animations to allow for a thorough explanation and description of the patient's condition... I will definately be using these as a patient educations tool in my clinic. Great work, well done!

Alibaster carnation


Great animatiions. Makes it easy to understand.

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